Sibiu in stiri – 17.05.2012

S-a auzit de capusele din Sibiu pana dincolo de ocean:

Romania: First tick bite victim dies in Sibiu

Sper ca varu’ nu s-a pricopsit cu vreuna la Sibiel:

Cousin of Great Britain Queen, welcomed on first visit to Romania with traditional ‘sarmale’ and ‘tuica’

Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent, the cousin of the Great Britain Queen, together with his son, walked on Monday, in a typical English rain, on the muddy village lanes of Sibiel, in ‘Marginimea Sibiului’ (northwest of Bucharest ), where they were received, in front of the church still, with home made plum brandy ‘tuica’, after which they feasted on Sibiu cheese, bacon, sausages and cabbage meat rolls ‘sarmale’ at a boarding house above the river Sibiel, where you can fish for trout.

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